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Generation Z Cares For Loved Ones With Long-term Health Conditions

The San Diego Union-Tribune

family members holding hands and walking

As a 19-year-old biology student at Palomar College eight years ago, Brandon Feldt was working toward transferring to a four-year university as a pre-med student. That all changed when his mother, Araceli Feldt, exhibited signs of dementia at age 56. At first, Feldt said, her speech and behavior changed, but as her condition worsened, she started having seizures, as well. With his younger sister at home and still in high school, the Escondido resident decided to drop everything to keep his family together. Feldt paused his academic goals as he helped his sister learn to drive, get her driver’s license, complete high school, look for colleges and apply for financial aid — all while supporting his mother during the first three years of dementia and the process of diagnosis.

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