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People Living with Dementia Want You to Know

Source: Alzheimer's Association

Costly Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treatment is Growing, with Virtually no Science to Back It Up

Source: STAT

Our Country is Getting Old. How Brazil Sees Dementia

Source: The Guardian

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  • How Alzheimer's Disease Progresses: From Diagnosis Through the 7 Stages


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    Troubleshooting Common Behavior Issues with MCI

    Source: Stephanie Vyverberg /Emory Cognitive Neurology Clinic

    Stephanie Vyverberg /Emory Cognitive Neurology Clinic
    Bob Murray Talk
    Bob Murray Talks About the Challenges of Living with Dementia.

    Source: Youtube/ Bob Murray

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    Walking at Least 3,800 Steps Per Day Might Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

    Source: YAHOO!

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    How Scientists Successfully Reversed Alzheimer's in Mice

    Source: Newsweek

    Sage's Phase 2 Alzheimer's Drug Shows Signs of Cognitive Improvement—But There's a Catch

    Source: Fierce Biotech

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  • Researchers Looking at CRISPR Gene-Splicing Technology to Help Treat Dementia

    Source: Healthline

  • Build Up Your Cognitive Reserves to Lower Your Risk of Dementia

    Source: Psychology Today

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    senior using virtual reality device
    Could an Immersive VR Experience Help Improve Memory and Other Symptoms for People Living with Dementia?

    Source: Being Patient

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    7 Best Mobile Apps for People With Dementia and Alzheimer’s in 2022

    Source: iTech post

  • Keyboards Strike Memory Chord Among Dementia Patients

    Source: Indy 100

  • Smart socks helping protect people with dementia

    Source: BBC

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    Travel Guidelines For People With Memory Disorders


  • Both Parents Had Dementia. My Family History Increases My Risk, but I Refuse to Live in Fear.

    Source: Insider

  • Tips for Communicating Throughout the Dementia Journey

    Source: Herald Zeitung

  • Path of Dementia

    Source: Mark E. Aloway/ NWA. Democrat-Gazette

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    See more personal perspectives

    Source: MCI and Beyond

    Old Lion roars
    An Old Lion Roars at Dementia

    by: J. Stewart Schneider

    This book represents the memories and thoughts of a man diagnosed with Dementia. It marks my last chance to roar at the disease, which daily robs me of talents and memories. May it guide you as well.

    First Survivors of Alzheimers
    The First Survivors of Alzheimer's:

    by: Dale Bredesen

    These personal accounts detail the fear, struggle, and ultimate victory of each patient's journey with Alzheimer's. How these patients made the program work--the challenges, the workarounds and the encouraging results.

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